How it works

The Consortium officially started on October 6, 2014.
Since January 2019, Mumps Technologies SAS has been appointed as the new manager of the Consortium.
Mumps Tech proposes new subscription agreements giving access to similar services as offered to members
of the MUMPS Consortium. Please contact Mumps Technologies .

The MUMPS Consortium is composed of the Founding Members, represented by the Manager on the one hand, and Members, on the other hand. Each Member of the Consortium is represented in the Consortium Committee. The Consortium Committee meets once per year, in order to examine the work performed within the context of the Consortium, and to propose a work programme for the future. The meetings of the Consortium Committee are the opportunity for Members of the Consortium to express their views on the work performed, suggest future work and contribute to its definition, although final decisions will still be made by the Technical Committee of the MUMPS software.

Members will also have access to the services defined below.

Services to the Member

Under its membership in the MUMPS Consortium, Member shall be entitled to:

  • have access to and use the versions in advance (latest upgrades, beta releases)
  • receive more frequent releases including the successive corrective patches
  • exert an influence over future developments and the interface of new features, in particular during the annual meetings of the Consortium Committee
  • have a reserved (and free) space for the annual training in use of the recent features
  • have priority access to the group of developers for support, advice and performance analysis which may, as required, give rise to a specific study agreement
  • appoint a representative to take part in the annual meeting of the Consortium Committee during which the report of the work performed and the forecast for the upcoming year, among other things, shall be discussed
  • have its logo published on the Consortium’s website and be openly acknowledged as being a member of the Consortium, supporting MUMPS

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